Zara Ultimatte MM01 Lipstick Review

Pink Zara lipstick with flowers in the background
Holding Zara lipstick with flowers in the background
Girl holding pink lipstick while in the car

I feel like it’s been such a while since I did a beauty product review with you guys. Check out the last beauty review here. Today, I’m sharing Zara’s matte lipstick from the beauty collection. I’ve been wanting to try out Zara’s lipstick line like forever and finally had an opportunity to do so for a month now. I recently found out that in 2007, Zara launched its first makeup collection. I honestly don’t remember this as much because I wasn’t tuned into beauty like I am now. Who doesn’t love Zara? It’s like one of my favorite brands to shop at. I love everything from the clothes to the accessories. When I first found out about the beauty line full of lipsticks, I knew I had to try it out.

The Zara’s beauty collection consists mainly of matte lipsticks and highly-pigmented liquid lipsticks. In the future, I would definitely be open to trying out the liquid lipsticks. The matte lipstick shade that I’m currently wearing in the picture is Zara Ultimatte MM01, which is like a metallic matte in raspberry. The first thing I’ve noticed is that it comes in a navy magnetic clasp tube, which feels expensive with the zara logo embedded into the lipstick. I love how chic this looks!

When I first opened the lipstick tube, it smelled just like something sweet. Reminds me of some sort of candy. It applies on like that great lipstick buttery feel and I love the way that it glides on so easily without it looking dry. The description listed on the package states that it’s enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E which gives me the benefits of moisturized and softer lips.

Now the verdict whether it lasted throughout the day or not. Surprisingly, for me it lasted most of the day without any touch-ups whatsoever. I applied it before leaving the house around 8 a.m. and by the time it was early afternoon the lipstick still was on. I did wind up applying more because I love to refresh my makeup throughout the day. After reapplying it, it stayed on until came home in the evening.

There are so many shades to choose from from light pinks to dark purple plums. There is definitely a color to suite everyone for sure! Overall, I love the Zara Ultimatte lipstick. Not only does it meet up to it’s standards, but affordable for $12.90. Overall, I would highly recommend giving it a try because you simply can’t beat the price for a great lipstick. You can check out all Zara’s matte lipstick shades including the liquid lipsticks here.


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